Refurbished centre

At Fusetech , We offer a large range of computers, components, peripherals with the aim of setting new standards in customer service and product quality. Since 2021 we have built a reputation for consistent service and great value products.

What we offer


Need to change the RAM or Hard Drive on your computer or laptop
purchase? No problem our on-site technical staff will fully customize your order to your exact specifications


To ensure you have piece of mind and confidence when purchasing from us we provide a 12mth warranty on every refurbished desktop computer, laptop and piece of equipment we sell.


Our entire range of refurbished computers and laptops has been
professionally refurbished, tested, repackaged and approved for resale
to the manufacturer's standards


Our purchasing power is unmatched by our competitors, which allows us to pass on the savings to you through our huge range of refurbished desktop computers and used laptops.

What is a Refurbished system?

A refurbished computer is one which was used and then restored to its original
operating condition. For a computer to actually be considered "refurbished" it will have to pass diagnostic tests. Essentially, a refurbished computer is one which has been restored to a "like-new" condition after initial use.

Refurbished Grading


Overall excellent to very good cosmetic condition. Some may be pristine, others may have light scratches or minor blemishes.Laptops may have some shiny areas around the keyboard such as the space bar, touchpad or touchpad buttons.Keyboard keys will be in excellent condition.Laptop and monitor screens will be blemish free.Cosmetic blemishes will not impact the overall functionality or performance of the device.


Will have some cosmetic blemishes that include scratches and/or other imperfections Minor scratches and dents on the housing. Laptops may have shiny keys or shiny surfaces around the keyboard however all characters will be legible. Laptop
and monitors screens will have imperfections such as minor scratches,
minor chips and/or white spots. There will be no cracking on the screen. Have the same warranty as A Grade Pricing will be cheaper than A Grade.


Same as B-Grade except may have unlimited scratches/blemishes on the screen.May have cracks/chips or dents on the housing.Have the same warranty as A Grade Pricing will be cheaper than B Grade.