Coolmoon UFOX CPU Cooler

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1. Brand: Coolmoon
2. Model: UFOX color discoloration version
3. Item: RGB Cooling PC Fans
4. Color: Multiple Color Modes
5. Speed: 2000RPM ± 10%
6. The noise value: 23DBA ± 10%
7. Voltage: 12V DC
8. Fan Interface: 3Pin
9. Estimated Life Span: 50000Hrs
10. Bearing: Hydrablic Bearing
11. Wind Flow: 38CFM ± 10%
12. Material: ABS
13. Rated current: 0.2A
14. Size: 100 * 100 * 75mm
15. Support: Intel & AMD Socket

1. Multi-layer thin aperture magic color fan, Cool light;
2. Fast cooling to keep the mining machine operate normally and durable.
3. Electronic commutation outer rotor DC fan, a complete electronic commutation components.
4. Individual appearance, UFO shape, small and beautiful appearance, dark craft.
5. Intel and AMD platform universal, support under 90W CPU, thickened encryption pure aluminum fin, pressure i5 and the same grade CPU has better temperature control effect

Package Included:
1 * RGB Cooling Fan
4 * Screws
1 x Accessory

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